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The bikini plumber and his stunned girlfriend

A plumber surnamed Lian in Guangdong Province who didn’t have anything to offer except his unconditional love and a fabulous pink bikini proposed to his girlfriend on Wednesday in a rather unique manner, according to the Southern Metropolis.

Apparently, it’s no longer as simple as kneeling down on one’s knees half-naked.

The man, in his forties, walked two kilometers in the two-piece across the city of Dongguan where he has been a plumber for 20 years, according to the report.

Seeing her man such in the skimpy accouterment, Miss. Liao said yes. Her mother also witnessed the exciting moment. “As long as they are happy, and cherish the feelings, the form doesn’t matter,” said the future mother-in-law.

Lian reportedly has a 24-year-old son from his last marriage, and only earns a few thousand yuan per month. He met Liao when he helped decorate her house last year.

Although he had proposed to Liao earlier, she had told him that she would only marry him if he dressed in a bikini and walked through the city.

Liao, 30, was born into a rich family and had studied in Britain for ten years. Now she works as an accountant in Shenzhen. “The serendipity is hard to explain, and I just like his simplicity and kindness,” Liao told the media.

“I’m not handsome, but old and poor, so why should she marry me? The proposal had to be special. It’s not inappropriate. And this will be a piece of unforgettable memory,” Lian said.

The story went viral on Chinese social media with users on Sina Weibo responding with a mixture of skepticism and bemusement:

“They both have unique thinking patterns which make them the perfect couple.” @Jiaxiansen

“Feelings don’t need promises, agreements or conditions. It only needs two persons: one can be trusted, the other is willing to understand.” @Buyudarenxixi.

“She may be touched by the romance at that moment, but it’s hard to say whether she will step back in the future because of the big background difference.” @Daixiaoyuan.

Proposing isn’t as simple as it used to be XD

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